Meet Our Team

Michael Katz
Michael KatzPrincipal, Stress Free Group
20 Years of brand management, marketing, client, account, personnel, and vendor relations, sales, licensed real estate agent, licensed insurance agent, pending property broker license in California. Previous experience with $2,065,000 in real estate transactions including 3 profitable fix and rent/hold properties (eventually selling off 2 of them, holding $1mm property as remaining rental). Experience managing over $50,000,000 in marketing campaign budgets across 75+ clients, 200+ campaigns, overseeing 20,000+ staff nationwide.
Steve Rodick
Steve RodickSubdivision Specialist
consulting, expediting, legal solutions, property management. 43 years of experience as an attorney, and condo conversion expert, over 20,000 properties managed. please contact directly for full background and areas of expertise
Larry Grove
Larry GroveSubdivision Specialist
consulting, expediting, legal solutions. 43 years of experience in condo conversions, subdivisions, and property management. please contact directly for full background and areas of expertise.
Robert Bateman
Robert BatemanLand Surveyor and Civil Engineer

43 years of experience as an engineer and land surveyor

Mark Lambson
Mark LambsonStructural Engineer

20 years of experience specializing in commercial real estate development, environmental assessment, property condition assessment, system inspections, auditing, zoning reporting

Roy Zamarripa
Roy ZamarripaTeam Coordinator (Engineering)
15 years in project coordination for partner engineering, 3 years of direct vendor management, 2 years in transactional banking.
Maggie Roland
Maggie RolandSubdivision specialist and HOA services

42 years of experience specializing in planned development and condominiums, legal documentation including purchase and sale agreements, HOA development and financial management, title insurance, Bureau of real estate, escrow, mapping and entitlements, administrative services, property maintenance management, department of real estate submission process management. 30 years of expediting